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Tours  - Call 706-221-1782 or fill out the contact form> to book your group today!

Group tours must be scheduled in advance.  Admission included.

VIP Tour – $45 + tax per group of up to 5 people – Guided – Tour time: 1 hour – Take a private guided tour of the museum and discover the unique exhibits. Your personal guide will focus the tour and discussion on the Union Navy blockade and the fledgling Confederate Navy. This is a great opportunity for history enthusiasts of all ages to explore the important role of the navies in the Civil War.


Stroll the Decks – $6 + tax per person (20 minimum) – Self-Guided with Introduction – Tour time: 1 hour 30 minutes recommended – Beginning in the center gallery a museum interpreter will introduce guests to our one of a kind 40,000 sq ft facility, giving context to complement the exhibits. Guests will then stroll through the museum at their leisure exploring exhibits of the nation’s most unique collection of Civil War navy related material.


A Sailor's Life – $7 + tax per person (20 minimum) – With Guide in Period Costume – Tour time: 1 hour 45 minutes – A living history interpreter in clothing similar to that worn during the Civil War will show a range of weapons & tools used aboard ships of the era. They will also use the museum’s famous 60 foot long mural of Civil War ships to show the most famous types used during the war, from sailing ships to submarines and ironclads.  The guide will take the group through exhibits of the nation’s most unique collection of Civil War navy related material sharing exciting stories of battles and of the ships and Sailors who fought them.


African-Americans & Civil War Navies – $7 + tax per person (20 minimum) – Tour Time: 1 hour 30 minutes – An interpreter in period dress will introduce guests to this unique museum housing an impressive collection of Civil War naval related artifacts. The guide will answer questions and provide some context about the Navies in conflict during the Civil War. Visitors will then be led on a tour of the museum's exhibits highlighting the African American naval experience and stories of African American Pilots, Sailors and those affected by the war.

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"What a great educational opportunity about a part of history I didn't know much about." guest, TripAdvisor

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